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Everything communicates- what do you communicate?

– What does your body say?
– How do you reach people?
– How to avoid death by PowerPoint

We are living in a world where we constantly are overflowed with information. Because of that it is easy to understand that it is difficult to be the one whom reaches the receiver. However there are ways to became that one. The combination of modern rhetoric’s and knowledge of how our brain works can open new ways of becoming an amazing communicator!

During this course we are looking at common areas that often occurs in many professions. Such as holding that presentation for a customer or within the company. How to win an argumentation. How to convince the customer to buy your product and services and so on. Whether you are an CEO, a salesman, a doctor or a teacher you will have great benefits of taking this course. Take yourself to the next level!

After completed course you will have an increased confidence and insight in how you communicate with others.

The purpose with the course is to give people, regardless profession, tools and insight in how to stand out in the noise of communication and to make sure to reach out and in to their receiver.

– Presentation technique: does and don’ts
– Body language and mimics that convinces
– The voice- impacts and effects
– 4-ways of communication stiles and how to respond to them
– Argumentation technique- and how to win the discussion
– How to convince and not persuade someone
– Master suppression technique- power language that reduces people
– Team- to lead yourself and others
– Nervousness and how to overcome it
– Exercises with feedback from the trainer and participants

Anna Ricknell is one of our highest scored trainer at Hexanova academy and never leaves her audience unaffected! Her background as an professional swimmer in Sweden, Germany and USA has given her great experience and education. The combination of this and her studies in Rhetoric makes her teaching dynamic! She is driven by inspiring and giving other people the tools so that they can become confident and effective in their communication. To lead oneself or others or to hold that presentation which give great impact on the audience is one of many things that Anna will teach you.


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• Förmiddagsfika, lunch & eftermiddagsfika
• Utvärdering och uppföljning av resultat
• Kursdokumentation
• Kursintyg

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4 990:- Ordinarie pris

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Göteborg 08/05/2019 - 09/05/2019

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